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I do not support any form of eating disorder, depression or destructive behavior! None of the pictures are mine, otherwise tagged with #cutted-canvas.
I blog to express my feelings/thoughts, NOT to impress !
♥ I encourage you to seek help. I'm here for you ♥ About me :
- Cristina
- German
- 5'3"
Diagnosed with BPD, Depression, Bulimia Nervosa( since 5 years )

speckleheart1035 fragte: ich wollt nur mal sagen wie hübsch du bist :) alles gute <3

Wie süß du bist (: dankeschön ♥

Anonym fragte: Do u have instagram? Don't give up i hope one day everything works out for you pretty girl

Yes I have Instagram :3
Thank you for you words, they cheered me up :3 Much love ❤️

loovemeorletitbe fragte: Heey:)

hellow c:

Ich liebe ihn. Tag für Tag mehr.. Danke dass du immer da bist, mich in allem unterstützt und mein Leben lebenswerter machst.
Danke, dass du mir mein Herz zusammen geflickt hast ❤️

Anonym fragte: Im not lying Im serious, you are intoxicatingly beautiful and I could get lost in your eyes for days and never be bored they are the most amazing color and just everything about you I see is just wow... All I see is a beautiful face on a beautiful girl with a troubled personality who deserves a hug and to be told just how amazing she looks every day.

Aww you made my day. For real. Come off anon! :3 I’ve NEVER heard such a nice compliment ;o 

Come and hug mee :c 

Anonym fragte: You are seriously one of the most beautiful girls I have ever laid eyes on.

You shouldn’t lie 😔

Anonym fragte: Is that you in your avi?

Yes that’s me.

Und ich frage mich, wofür es sich lohnt zu kämpfen, wenn man weis, dass man am Ende des Tages wieder verloren hat ..