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I do not support any form of eating disorder, depression or destructive behavior! None of the pictures are mine, otherwise tagged with #cutted-canvas.
I blog to express my feelings/thoughts, NOT to impress !
♥ I encourage you to seek help. I'm here for you ♥ About me :
- Cristina
- German
- 5'3"
Diagnosed with BPD, Depression, Bulimia Nervosa( since 5 years )

To my followers who didn’t watch “cyber bully” yet. Watch it!!!
"Dieses Gefühl, wenn man plötzlich ohne jemanden leben muss, der alles für einen war.."

(via bedifferenty)

😒 weis schon warum ich keinem so wirklich vertraue, wenn die doch sowieso dann einen verlassen und die ganzen Gespräche,Gefühle oder Geheimnisse mitnehmen -.

speckleheart1035 sagte: ich wollt nur mal sagen wie hübsch du bist :) alles gute <3

Wie süß du bist (: dankeschön ♥

Anonym sagte: Do u have instagram? Don't give up i hope one day everything works out for you pretty girl

Yes I have Instagram :3
Thank you for you words, they cheered me up :3 Much love ❤️

loovemeorletitbe sagte: Heey:)

hellow c:

Anonym sagte: Im not lying Im serious, you are intoxicatingly beautiful and I could get lost in your eyes for days and never be bored they are the most amazing color and just everything about you I see is just wow... All I see is a beautiful face on a beautiful girl with a troubled personality who deserves a hug and to be told just how amazing she looks every day.

Aww you made my day. For real. Come off anon! :3 I’ve NEVER heard such a nice compliment ;o 

Come and hug mee :c 

Anonym sagte: You are seriously one of the most beautiful girls I have ever laid eyes on.

You shouldn’t lie 😔

Anonym sagte: Is that you in your avi?

Yes that’s me.